Supplier and Contractor Registration

Suppliers, contractors and institutions are welcome to become qualified partner by registering to ATM. Submitting your company profile will be valuable for ATM as well as having the latest information of your company by receiving your updated company profile. ATM will always update our products and services to customers within the API.

Please specify your interest in the products and services to be registered. The list of the “Industry Category” which is include in the products and services is available in the “Registration link”.

Representative Office

A Branch or a Representative Office with its facilities developed based on the location and where the projects and industries operated to support the industries They are responsible for
(1) Coordination office to support the industries
(2) Identify the industry requirement in regular basis
(3) Distribution and Logistic Support
(4) Responding customers requirement

Representative Services

To support Headquarter Office, a Representative Office is to provide wide range of services start from procurement management to provide solutions to reduce cost for the procurement process.

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