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ATM-T is a material construction provider of Steel, Pipe and Cable products. We are a company who understand procurement ecosystem in Indonesia by not just lowering the supply chain costs but also increasing the efficiency of construction industry together with ATMT value. In one basket of services to support the industry’s success start from procurement process, stores, catalog and delivery ATMT to be a part of the customer’s partner to deliver material construction solutions in Indonesia.


ATM-T as a material construction solution company provides procurement solutions together with the clients project development in the Government, Private and Investment project of the infrastructures such as Toll Road, Power Plant and the grid, Port Development, Railways development, Commercial building, Housing and Apartment, Manufacturing complex etc.

NOW Open


Dynamic solutions in “Construction Materials” will be delivered by ATM-T to the project within this region and especially projects in SEA, API and Indonesia.
We are with you to speed up the project with integrated:
- B2B, E-Commerce,
- Material Management System
- Procurement Management System
- Logistic Operations

We will get the various benefits in:
- Double-digit cost savings
- Lowering Risks
- Improve Performance
Zero Accident!!!

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