Who We Are

ATM-Trade (ATM-T) is an Indonesian distributor company, a leading Construction Materials provider in Indonesia.

We provide extensive construction materials according to the standard and quality required by our customers. We supply starting from steels, pipes, electricals, engineered equipment and other products to support the success of the project of Commercial Buildings, Energy and chemicals, Infrastructure industries.

ATM-T has strategic relationship and collaboration with national and global material products and services companies to support the Industries. The long term Relationship Management and Material Management are just some of the strength of ATM-T in providing solutions to Projects, Industries and Government growth within the Archipelago of Indonesia, ASIA and as well as the API areas.

With strong product sourcing and procurement management, material management, quality management and being very familiar with the local procedures where the projects located, ATM-T have efficient operation to provide competitive advantage for each project in term of cost, quality and delivery schedule as planned and meeting with the client requirement. It will help clients to increase project value to the share holders.

ATM-T is operated from the Headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Supply Chain

Indonesia is now growing very fast with open and transparent Procurement Process to support sustainable country development: 

• ATM-T has established E-Commerce to support Indonesian Growth 

• Starting with global ideas to do business in Indonesia 

• increase the local participations 

• Leverage Global Collaborations 

NOW Open


Dynamic solutions in “Construction Materials” will be delivered by ATM-T to the project within this region and especially projects in SEA, API and Indonesia.
We are with you to speed up the project with integrated:
- B2B, E-Commerce,
- Material Management System
- Procurement Management System
- Logistic Operations

We will get the various benefits in:
- Double-digit cost savings
- Lowering Risks
- Improve Performance
Zero Accident!!!

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